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*3/18/20 Coronavirus Update*

Dear TCC Family,

I’m getting used to writing you all more frequently, but I certainly wish the circumstances were different.  As changes in the social landscape continue, we are faced with many unknowns.  As followers of the way of Jesus Christ I’m grateful that we can draw from the abundant Peace He offers us.  What a gift!

Recently I read a publication in the New York Times by my friend Fr. Esau McCaulley titled, “The Christian Response to the Coronavirus” In this Op-Ed piece, Fr. Esau reflects on the position we Christians face as our places of worship are challenged to think outside of the box. In light of recommendations for “social distancing”, our brother compassionately reflects that “loving your neighbor” during this time could actually mean keeping your distance.  

Social distancing, and in particular not gathering in groups larger than 10 on Sunday mornings, is an act of sacrifice as well as a Christian witness of love that will save lives.  TCC has therefore made the difficult decision to indefinitely postpone offering our Sunday mass to the public.  Because our regular attendance is over 75 people, regulation of known risks is nearly impossible.

Our temporary solution will be to offer a live-stream Sunday morning 10:00am.  Two clergy, the music team, sound, video and audio folks will gather at the church to broadcast. You can access the service by tapping the “VIDEO” button icon on your TCC app or by going to the TCC YouTube channel at

With regard to Eucharist, the guidance given by our Bishop is for local parishes to go the distance (literally) and deliver a 3-week supply of reserve sacrament to each home. The intent is for individuals and/or families to receive Eucharist during the live-stream service.  Specific written instructions will be included with the reserve sacrament and shared live during the service.  

We consider ourselves fortunate to have the live-stream option as well as other electronic options that help us communicate, connect and contribute.  Specifically, you can utilize your TCC app and the TCC website for calendar information and updates.  If you have prayer requests, you can text the word “pray” to 585-300-4022, or tap the “NEED PRAYER” button icon on the TCC app.   

Additionally, we will continue to rely on the faithful stewarding of your tithe, your support for TCC mission’s work, and your contributions to our building fund.  Our financial needs will continue. These include our mortgage, utilities, salaries for church staff, and monthly financial commitments to missionaries all over the world.  You can make contributions electronically by texting the word “give” to 585-300-4022, by following this link , or by tapping the “GIVE” icon on your TCC app.  You may also mail your contributions directly to the church.   

Until further notice, all TCC gatherings/groups are cancelled (e.g., Life groups, EHR, Men’s and Women’s events, Youth Group, etc.)  We understand these gatherings offer important discipleship and fellowship opportunity for you.  As such, we encourage each leader to consider virtual meeting room platforms such as Zoom. Please reach out to your leader if you have any particular needs, even if it’s just the need to hear a friendly voice!

The only exception to TCC gatherings will be Midweek Eucharistic Mass. These will be held at the Church daily Monday-Friday at Noon and Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM.  These frequent offerings allow opportunity for those who desire the Eucharist.  At these smaller masses we have more control around safe gathering numbers and spacing between participants. All Masses will offer Host only. 

In addition to weekday mass, you can call to schedule a time with one of the TCC clergy to receive Eucharist at the church. If you are unable to travel, clergy will make a home visit to administer the sacrament to you.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our preparations or changes in practice, please feel free to reach out.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Eric

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