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3/20/20 TCC Coronavirus Update

TCC Family,

Good evening. I’m sure most of you have been checking in with news developments during these unprecedented times.  Most recent is our governor’s ban on all non-essential travel.  While this mandate goes into effect Sunday at 8:00PM we have decided to cancel the distribution of reserve sacrament tomorrow afternoon.  We do not wish to place anyone in a position of unnecessary health risk.   

As a reminder for those of us in sacramental traditions, we believe that in unusual circumstances such as these, we can still receive the spiritual benefits of the Eucharist without the bread and wine.  This is sometimes referred to as the sacrament of desire.  The simplest way to understand this is that God knows we desire communion, even when we are unable to receive it.  His grace isn’t bound by lack of access to the elements, whether due to quarantine or anything else. This has been the teaching of the church for a long time.

Now for the good news! We’ve received guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services that we can still live-stream Sunday morning 10:00am.  Two clergy, the music team, sound, video and audio folks will gather at the church to broadcast. You can access the service by tapping the “VIDEO” button icon on your TCC app or by going to the TCC YouTube channel at 

As always, please reach out (585)-698-0782 if you have any prayer needs or just need to talk to a friendly voice.  See you at Mass on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Eric

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