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3rd Quarter Stewardship Letter

TCC Family,

If you have ever played baseball, or you are a fan of the game, then you’ve probably heard the term “rally cap”. If you are unfamiliar with the term, let me explain. A rally cap is a typical baseball hat that has been turned around and inside out. It’s worn as a symbol of inspiration and a recognition of the possibility that a team can and will get back in a game. The rally cap is an icon that communicates victory is possible. To wear the rally cap is to say that the team might be down, but they are never out.  I share this illustration for a reason. I’ll come back to it in just a bit.

If you’ve been a part of the TCC family for any period of time, then you’ve probably noticed my intentionality about teaching and communicating on the topic of stewardship.  You also know that I’ve never found it easy to talk about money in church.  I understand if it makes you somewhat uncomfortable. However, the truth is that Jesus spoke about money more than any other topic with the exception of the Kingdom of Heaven.  I don’t think it was easy for Him either.

The thing I’ve come to realize is that Christ’s motivation never had anything to do with creating budgets or padding saving accounts. His motivation was love and transformation. He sought to develop deeply devoted followers of a radical way.  Whenever Jesus spoke about money, he was concerned with growing hearts and increasing faith and dependence in God over and above earthly resources. He knew it was an act of worship to give to God what already belonged to God.  These things are the foundational “why” behind quarterly teaching and communicating on the topic of stewardship.

Back to rally caps.  If you know the Christian story, then you know that Jesus was the cleanup hitter in the greatest comeback of all time on Resurrection morning.  The angels must have been wearing rally caps.  As we enter November, we are metaphorically in the final innings of the calendar year.  And we are down a few runs. 2020 is a fierce opponent on many levels. Living through a pandemic is unique and challenging.  So many things have been turned upside down.  Jobs have been lost. Typical opportunities to give have been limited.  Faithful and typical stewardship has been challenged.

Through the third quarter, we are unfavorable by $10,000 in tithes and offerings, unfavorable by $5000 in Missions giving, and unfavorable by $5000 in our Buildings and Grounds contributions.  We do not fear these numbers. We are not desperate.  We simply submit these facts to God.

About a week ago, during a prayer meeting, I was doing just that…submitting these facts to God.  As I prayed with a few others, I believe God spoke to me said, “It’s time rally and rise”!   Time for TCC’s hats to be turned inside out and backwards.  Time for TCC to be energized as we remember that all things are possible.  Hope is not lost.  God can take these facts and do the miraculous. And each of us has a part to play.

Quoting St. Paul, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Let’s turn our hats around and inside out.  Let’s pray for God’s provision in our own lives and in thanksgiving offer His portion back to Him. As we enter the final innings of 2020, please pray about how you can support the mission of the church. No offering is too small in the eyes God and Scripture teaches that He loves a cheerful giver.

After prayer, I ask that you make a faith pledge through the end of the year. Pick a number with God to commit to give and do it.  If you come in person to church, we have donation box in the narthex.  If you choose to give electronically you can tap the GIVE Button on the TCC App.  You can also text the word “GIVE” to 585-300-4022.  Or, you can follow this link directly

Whatever you chose to do please do so prayerfully and faithfully over time.  It will be a great blessing to contribute to the work of the Kingdom. Just one quick example… since the establishment of our Covid-19 Benevolence Relief fund this Spring, we have received over $5000.  Half of these funds have been given away to individuals and families in need.  Your stewardship unto God allows us to be His hands and feet and to do ministry like this.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and let’s rally and rise!

In His Service,
Fr. Eric