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4/1/20 TCC Covid-19 Response Update

Dear TCC Family,

Good evening to all! I pray this email finds you doing well and staying connected as best you can during this season of social distancing. 

We hope you are enjoying “TCC Check-ins” on our Facebook Page. These 2-3 minute inspirational videos are cataloged so you are able to view them at any time.  New content will be added throughout the week. Tomorrow evening (Thursday 4/2) at 7:30PM, Kendra Eppard will live broadcast another “Living Room Worship” music set.  You can access content (check-in videos and live worship) at the following link

We want to thank you for tuning in during our Sunday livestream services.  It’s really encouraging to see so many of you with us.  Starting this week, we’re adding a live chat option. This means we will be able to interact together to foster more of a community feel.  A shout out “Amen!” during the sermon or a “Praise God!” while we worship would be appropriate, but of course say whatever you would as if we are all together.  If for some reason you miss the service on Sunday, you can always watch the recording at another time.  We’ve enabled the “comments” feature so you can share your thoughts with us on the recorded content.

We really want to encourage you to invite friends or family to join us as we livestream.  Folks can access the service by tapping the “VIDEO” button icon on our TCC app or by going to the TCC YouTube channel at We have a special surprise this coming Palm Sunday that you won’t want to miss!

I’ve intentionally saved some of the best information for last.  This Saturday (4/4) we are excited to be offering a 3-4-week supply of reserved sacrament for our TCC family.  I will be preparing the reserved sacrament with care using surgical gloves and placing the small containers (referred to as a pyx) in a plastic bag to ensure safety.  Written instruction for proper care and distribution of the sacrament will be included. I’ll also be providing palm branches to use during our celebration this week of Palm Sunday.  

Please plan to stop by the church Saturday between 2-4pm for pick-up.  Text me at 585-698-0782 when you arrive and I will bring the reserved sacrament and palm branches to your car. If you are in an at-risk demographic, please do not come to the church.  We will deliver the sacrament and palms directly to your home. Call or text me if you are in this category to arrange the drop-off.

Above all, I want you to be assured of my love and prayers. God’s peace and provision are here for us in this time.  As we enter into Holy Week next week may we prepare our hearts and minds for the gift of cross and the wonderful joy of His resurrection.  We will live stream services on Thursday (4/9) @7pm, Friday (4/10) @7pm, Saturday (4/11) @9:00pm, and Sunday (4/12) @10am.

All the Best,
Fr. Eric  

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