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Coronavirus UPDATES!

Dear TCC Family,

Most of you are keenly aware of developments over the past several days with regard to the Covid-19 virus.  The question that is probably on your mind is: “Will church be cancelled?” The answer is no.  The primary reason is that the CEC, like other sacramental communions, recognizes the importance of the Eucharist in our worship and in our lives beyond the walls of the church.  The Eucharist offers us Jesus.  We need Him when life is relatively normal and we especially need Him in times of trial.   

As we gather for worship, Trinity will proceed with wisdom and prudence and make a few slight modifications from our previous communication.  These include:

1. We encourage a solemn bow rather than physical contact during the passing of the peace.

2. We will practice intinction at the distribution of the Eucharistic.  The priest celebrating will dip the consecrated bread into the consecrated wine and place the host directly into the hands of the person receiving.  

We continue to recommend following the CDC’s prevention protocol and remaining informed by local health agencies and state health agencies

Most importantly, we want to reinforce that you stay home if you display symptoms of illness of any kind.  Furthermore, we understand that if you fall in a high risk category (i.e., elderly or compromised immune system) you may choose to stay home.  We encourage you to use your discretion appropriately.  

For anyone who chooses to stay home please tune in to our live-stream option.  You may access this by tapping the video button icon on the TCC app or you can click the following link to access our Youtube channel on your computer

For the rest of us, as noted earlier in the week, let us continue to join together in prayer to resist the powerful effects of fear that appear to be pulling some in our culture towards panic.  We as Christians have a profound opportunity to bring the peace of Jesus to our culture and to the world in troubling times.  We know that fear is not of God.  We know that our strength is not in humankind. We trust that God is ever close in times of great need.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our preparations or changes in practice, please feel free to reach out.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr Eric

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