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Covid-19 Benevolence and TCC 1st Quarter Financials

Good evening TCC Family,

As I write this letter I’m struck by the seemingly impossible reality that the last time many of us were together was seven weeks ago on March 15th.  Wow!  If you are like me, then each day that passes you joyfully anticipate when we will gather again.  

In the meantime, however, as we practice social distancing, it seems that solid communication is at a premium.  Therefore, the intent of writing today is to help us understand two distinct items: 1) A report on First Quarter budget progress and 2) Provide information about a unique benevolence opportunity being established to help TCC members who have experienced significant economic hardship as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

1) Overall Budget-
We have three primary categories that we report on each quarter. These include Tithes and Offerings, Missions Fund, and Building Fund.  Information is typically shared in the bulletin (which we no longer have) and in quarterly sermons.

Tithes and Offerings (i.e., general operations such as ministry activity, supplies, mortgage, utilities, salaries, etc.) After the 1st Quarter, the Tithes and Offerings line was in deficit by -$4,833

Missions Fund (i.e., local agencies such as Compass Care and pledged financial support for missionaries, religious orders and organizations that help orphanages, education, the fight against human trafficking, providing water filtration, medical support, etc.) After the 1st Quarter, the missions line was in deficit by -$3985

Building Fund (i.e., monies toward capital improvements such window replacements, HVAC project, etc.) After the 1st Quarter, the building line was in deficit by -$458

Click here to give. Or, you may contribute by tapping the “Give” tile on the TCC app. We thank you in advance for your faithful stewardship of the resources God has provided to you. May we all seek to support our local church and the Kingdom work we strive to accomplish together.

2) Benevolence Opportunity-

I was recently contacted by a dear friend, Dr. Salim Furth, who many of you know as well. For those that don’t know him, Salim and his wife Katrina were members of the TCC family while both Salim and Katrina worked on doctoral degrees here in Rochester. In an email, Salim shared a bold benevolence initiative that his church in DC is engaging.  Here is a portion of his letter…

“…Most of you, like me, probably received a direct deposit of a four-figure stimulus check from the US Treasury in the last week (or you will soon) (the payment varies depending on your family size and income). I want to give you some quick background on the economic policy here and ask you to consider to what personal policy God may be calling you.

Congress wanted to send out checks to people who have suddenly become unable to pay their bills due to job loss, business closing, etc. They have some tools targeted to specific needs, like unemployment insurance. But they recognized that unemployment insurance takes a long time to get out the door and misses a lot of people who earn their living outside of 9-to-5. Thus, they decided to write checks to everyone, even those of us who have kept our jobs and have little risk of losing income.

Congress couldn’t effectively target the checks to those in real need, but we can. Unless you’re in a particular place of need right now, I want to encourage you to think of this money as a non-entitlement. Congress and God have delegated to you the job of blessing and preserving others financially…”

I recognize for some these words may quicken your heart to respond.  Others may feel uneasy.  Some will have questions about protocol related to who is eligible and how will funds be distributed.  Please know that we will be attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayerfully steward donated funds to those most in need.   

In the days ahead, I ask, in the spirit of generosity, that you prayerfully consider making a contribution to our TCC Benevolence Campaign.  Some who are blessed financially may want to give your entire stimulus check away. Others may decide to tithe 10% of their stimulus gift.  Some, as a result of lost employment, may not be in a position to give anything.    

If you feel led, donations can be offered by tapping the “Covid-19 Relief” tile on the TCC app, or you can click here If you prefer to mail a check, please write “Covid-19 Relief” on the subject line.

I share all of this information with a singular motivation.  It is this…I believe that the heart of God is one of generosity, and as Gods representation on earth, we are called to be generous.  Sometimes this is a sacrificial act and other times it feels easy.  Either way, may we be compelled to help each other in ways the government is unable.  We are in relationship together and therefore we know the needs of our church family.  

My love to each of you in this time.  Be assured of my prayers.  Be well, be safe – and let me know if you are the one in need right now.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 585-698-0782.

Grace to you,
Fr. Eric