1. Center for Parent & Youth Understanding | http://www.cpyu.org/

Walt Mueller’s site is a cornucopia of facts, stats and insightful articles that will help keep you in touch with the pulse of today’s youth culture.

2. Plugged In | http://www.pluggedinonline.com/

This is Focus on the Family’s focus on culture. It features film, television, and music reviews as well as updates on cultural trends that affect young adults.

3. Connect With Kids l http://www.connectwithkids.com/

A great site dedicated to helping parents better understand and communicate with their teenaged children.

4. Confident Parenting l http://www.confidentparenting.com/

A site that endeavors to live up to its name by offering tools, tips and resources.

5. MOMS in Touch l http://www.momsintouch.org/

An amazing network of mothers who pray diligently and regularly for their children and their teachers and their schools.

6. Fathers.com l http://www.fathers.com/

A site dedicated to all kinds of fathers who need a little extra help in raising their sons and daughters wisely.

7. Choosing a College | http://www.christiancollegeguide.net/

An impressive online resource that’s helpful for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, and of course parents.