Year One: Groundwork

Life Has A Purpose

Discover Who You Really Are

The Law & The Prophets

A Fresh Look at the New Testament

Making the Most of Your Family Life

Building Wise HABITS

God’s Plan for Great Sex

Living Like Jesus

Don’t Keep Your Friends in the Dark

Secrets To Praying Well


Year Two: Character & Convictions

Living On Purpose

The Master Storyteller

Integrity:Standing Firm in Tough Times

Dealing With Pain And Struggles

Growing On Your Own


Putting A Stamp On Your World

Understanding Other Religions

Preparing For Healthy Relationships

Year Three: Giving, Serving, Leading

A Well-Rounded Faith

Be A Leader


Tough Questions

Did Jesus Really Say That?

Growing Spiritually


Intimacy Killers

Character Traits of God

Bearing Fruit in Christ


Year Four: Lasting Commitment

Living Out God’s Purposes

Miracles of Jesus

Why We Believe

Healthy Dating

Rahab, Ruth, and Esther

Lifelong Faith


End Times

Love God, Love Others

Life After High School