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Holy Week…What to Expect?

Hello TCC Family,

It’s Holy Week and we want to encourage you to join us via live stream as often as you are able.  You can access the services by tapping the “VIDEO” button icon on our TCC app or by going to the TCC YouTube channel at Please share the link to invite friends and family.

Here is what you can expect…

4/9/20@7pm- Maundy Thursday is the day Christians remember the Last Supper. Jesus told the disciples about his death, using bread and wine to foretell of His sacrifice on the Cross. Here, He also washed their feet in a great act of service intended to be a model for us to follow. Our hope is to willingly submit to the instruction of Jesus and to do a foot washing ceremony together. In your own home, we encourage you to get a basin, a pitcher of warm water, and a towel. You’ll receive further detail on Thursday during the service on how to participate. This act of humility and serving will be a blessing. If you are single, we encourage you to imagine our Lord Jesus kneeling before you and taking your feet in his hands. Allow Him to minister to you spiritually. 

4/10/20@7pm-Good Friday is the day that we remember the crucifixion of Jesus and His burial. Here TCC partakes of this somber night of readings and the veneration of the cross.  If you have a cross in your home we ask that you bring it into the living room.  Or, you can simply kneel before the large cross on your viewing device that will be carried into the church.  

4/11/20@9pm- Easter Vigil, also called the Paschal Vigil, is a service where we have our first official celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.  We will kindle a bonfire in the front lawn and celebrate together the risen light of Christ. Because a portion of this service will be by candlelight, we ask that you get a candle ready for each person ahead of time. 

4/12/20@10am- Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today!  This is always a joy filled and wonderful celebration as a community.  We can’t wait to shouting “Christ is Risen!” together.

If you want, you can check out a video of the details for the week at the following link

May God bless you as you enter in the holy drama of this Holy Week!

Grace to you,
Fr. Eric