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We would love for you join a group and get connected with one another. There are options available in person and via Zoom. There is something for everyone.

Sundays right after church (1/22, 2/19, 3/26, 4/23, and 5/21)

Young Adult Life Group


Join us as we gather to eat, pray, and encourage each other in our journeys with God.

We will get together after church for lunch and conversation. Sometimes we will eat out, sometimes we will eat in. We will also focus our conversation towards faith oriented books we are reading together.

Where: Varies - will announced in advanced

Contact: Ben & Ksusha Forte (585) 766-5760

Sundays 6:30-8pm (starting 1/29)

Philip Yancey - The Bible Jesus Read


In “The Bible Jesus Read”, award-winning author Philip Yancey combines scholarship and insight to bring new light to old material and stimulate new thought and further study. This eight-session video Bible study uses video and group discussion to explore the sometimes shocking and cryptic writings of the Old Testament to help readers know God better. Yancey serves as guide and interpretive leader of each session and, in a series of in-depth interviews and explanations, he covers five crucial segments of the Old Testament: Job, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and The Prophets. *Participant Guides will be available for $6.00 each*

Where: TCC Library

Contact: Michael Ockrin (585) 727-6375 & Ron Jones  (419) 230-6328

Every other Monday 7-8:30pm (1/9-6/26)

Women's New Testament Bible Study


Celebrating our 20th year! We are continuing to study the books of the New Testament. Currently we are studying the book of Matthew that is enriched with commentary from the Life Application Bible. This has proven to provide good insights and stimulate heartfelt discussions into ways we can apply God's word in our lives and in our relationship with Him. We let the Holy Spirit guide us through His Word.

Come and be a part of our life group who love and support each other and God's people as we learn and grow in faith. All women ages 18 and up are welcome. 

(Meeting ID: 880 7551 1183 Passcode: TCC)

Where: Via Zoom

Contact: Mary Ann Esser: (585) 747-1784

Every Other Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm (1/11-4/19)

Anxious for Nothing


Continued study of the book “Anxious for Nothing,” by Max Lucado.

"Lets invite God to reframe the way we face our fears and win the war on worry. By His power we will be "anxious for nothing" and experience the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding." (Phil. 4:6) 

(Meeting ID: 861 4214 8572 Passcode: 604430)

Where: Via Zoom 

Contact: Colleen Hafner Hummel (585) 738-9972

Every other Wednesday 7pm (1/4-6/21)

Wednesday Evening Women’s Bible Study


Will be finishing our study of the book of Job and then will discuss with the group which book to study next; as we continue our study of the Old Testament.

(Meeting ID: 85123988509 PW: TCC)

Where: Via Zoom

Contact: Ruth DuMont (585) 288-3554

Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30pm (1/26–3/16)

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is an 8 week course and a powerful spiritual book. The writer of this book; Pete Scazzero outlines his journey and offers a road map for a discipleship with Jesus

that is powerfully transformative. Topics include how to identify emotionally unhealthy spirituality, how to grow your soul through grief and loss, and how to develop into an emotionally mature adult. *Participant Guides will be available for $20.00 each*

Where: TCC Fellowship Hall

Contact: Christin Ortiz (585)705-5003

Every other Saturday 8:00am-9:30am (1/7 onward)

Men's Saturday Bible Study


The group is for any guy interested in growing in his faith journey.  Our time together includes Bible Study, topical studies, connection, conversation, and prayer. 

(Meeting ID: 851 0560 7794 Passcode: TCC)

Where: Via Zoom 

Contact: Harry Jackson (585) 305-2339

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