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We would love for you join a group and get connected with one another. There are options available in person and via Zoom. There is something for everyone.

Sundays @ 2pm (starting- 10/1 for 8 weeks)

Going Deeper


This Life group will focus on the Word brought forth at church each week. Questions will prompt us to look deeper into the sermons. Join us as we challenge ourselves in what they can bring to our daily lives!

Where: 2017 East Main Street, Apt C2

Leaders: Christin Ortiz 585-705-5003 &  Daniel Ball 585-333-6719

Sundays 6:30-8pm (starting 10/1 for 8 weeks)

Message Musings


Where we dig deeper into the Sunday sermons and get the most out of what God is teaching us each week.  We will process through several questions about the message of that day that will help us apply it to our daily lives.  All are welcome!

Where: TCC Library

Contact: Michael Ockrin (585) 727-6375 & Ron Jones  (419) 230-6328

Every other Monday 7-8:30pm (9/25-12/6)

Women's New Testament Bible Study


Celebrating our 20th year! We are continuing to study the books of the New Testament. Currently we are studying the book of Matthew that is enriched with commentary from the Life Application Bible. This has proven to provide good insights and stimulate heartfelt discussions into ways we can apply God's word in our lives and in our relationship with Him. We let the Holy Spirit guide us through His Word.

Come and be a part of our life group who love and support each other and God's people as we learn and grow in faith. All women ages 18 and up are welcome. 

(Meeting ID: 811 6277 6542 Passcode: TCC)

Where: Via Zoom

Contact: Mary Ann Esser: (585) 747-1784

Every 2nd & 4th Saturday 8:00am-9:30am

Men's Saturday Bible Study


The group is for any guy interested in growing in his faith journey.  Our time together includes Bible Study, topical studies, connection, conversation, and prayer. 

(Meeting ID: 851 0560 7794 Passcode: TCC)

Where: Via Zoom 

Contact: Harry Jackson (585) 305-2339

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