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Maasai Village Water Filter Project


Hi, my name is Dcn Jimmy Miller and I am part of the organization Pure Water for Africa. Pure Water For Africa is committed to providing clean drinking water to the under-served communities in Africa by distributing Sawyer PointOne Water Filters. 


During my most recent visit to Kenya in March, I had the honor of meeting David Makallah and his friend Nelson at Tenwek Hospital. They are both from a small Maasai village in the Mara. They shared a great need for clean, safe drinking water for their community. The shortage of firewood means that families only use the wood for cooking and not for boiling water. The extra wood needed to boil water and to keep it boiling is both scarce and expensive. Instead, they collect rainwater; and when the rains stop, they collect their water from the Mara River, which is extremely dirty and filled with deadly bacteria such as Cholera, Typhoid, E. coli, Salmonella, etc. The river water makes many of them, especially the children, very sick. Rivers in Kenya and in many parts of Africa are filled with sewage, feces, and urine, becoming breeding grounds for serious illnesses.

Thankfully, the Sawyer PointOne Water Filter removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and microplastics, making the water safe to drink. Currently in Kenya and in other East African countries, floods and landslides have been contaminating their water sources, especially bore holes (wells).  Cholera outbreaks are widespread among villages. They desperately need our help and support!

Right now we are raising funds to provide all the families and local church in a Maasi village with water filters. The village has 471 families (one filter per family); the church needs 18 filters; and I’m rounding up to a total of 500 Sawyer PointOne Water Filters. We would also need 525 taps (spigots) and 50 drill bits. The families will provide the buckets locally.

Watch the water filters in action!

Just $23 can provide clean water to a family for 10+ years!

Trinity Communion Church wants to work as a community to help support this project. If you feel led to donate, you can do so by clicking the button below. Thank you for your support of this important mission!

Or if you prefer, you can send a check to:

Trinity Communion Church

759 Winona Blvd, Rochester, NY 14617

– memo line: Water Project

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