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Our Mission:

"To live and love like Jesus, and lead others to do the same."

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Ordinary Time

The Season Between Pentecost and Advent

The time between Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost, focusing upon the Triune identity of God) and Christ the King Sunday (the Sunday before Advent, proclaiming Christ’s Lordship)—from approximately June through November—is called the Season after Pentecost, or Ordinary (numbered) Time.

This remainder of the liturgical year is the time in which the church is to live out its calling in the world, fulfilling the mission of God. Instructed in the school of sacred time, Christians go forth to love and serve the broken world which God has invaded, and over which He triumphs. Ordinary Time is our response to the story of Jesus. In scripture, we hear story after story of the people of God, as we navigate the ins and outs of walking the way of love. To learn more about the Season of Ordinary Time, click here.

  • Greeters

  • Drivers

  • Sunday School

  • Nursery

  • And more

There are so many ways to serve as part of the TCC community.

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